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My Walk this Week 230 – Disregarding the Weather

My walk this week is through my local Coedbach Park and I was disregarding the weather as I set out. Autumn has typically mixed weather but regardless of this, my head as well as my body needs to get out for a walk as regularly as possible.

So when the sun came out around lunchtime I thought Aha! This is a good opportunity for a walk. Of course by the time I had changed my shoes and got a coat on, the sky was darkening again, but I didn’t let that put me off and carried on out the door.

I reached the park before the first drops fell and fortunately I had brought an umbrella but even so I felt it advisable to stand under a tree and wait.

In the short video above, which also acts as my soundscape for this week, I start out in the oak woods where the magnificent trees, undergrowth and footpaths do the best job of calming any turmoil I may be feeling inside. The stress and mental congestion that is there for any number of reasons, but not least our current Covid-19 lockdown and all that goes with that, is handled admirably by nature and the elements, even the rain.

And after the rain comes the sunlight and as I wandered on down towards the salt marshes, the River Loughor was at just the right level to provide me with a beautiful reflection of the sky as the sun pushed through aa little gap in the clouds.

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  1. Hello Alastair, Well done for posting in spite of the weather and other pressures – always a great boost on a dreary Friday morning here to view your images and sounds – the healing power and order of our natural world in these times of chaos. Particularly love the oak trees – what stories they could tell of troubles past…
    best wishes

    • Thank you Julian. Those beautiful oaks have always been there but sometimes I see them and sometimes I don’t. This time they really made an impression in me.

  2. I don’t usually share the blogs of others, but this one seems important, to: Disregarding the weather (and get out there in the fresh air for a little saunter, regardless, in spite of…). ☂️ It does us all so much good, even for just a little pootle.

        • Plus, I’ve found my skin to be waterproof. Some worry so much about the rain they shut themselves away when a little drizzle appears. ☔️

          • Yes, but there are times when I have been out walking when I have thought it would be a help to have flippers rather than feet. What is they say? There’s no such thing as bad weather, only unsuitable clothing. I can’t afford Gortex so I just get wet

          • As long as you get home to warm up and dry, the wet can’t do much harm. I know there’s someone sleeping rough in a little tent, in a strange place, in such weather… I know I am fortunate, I can stand up in my home, I can be dry in my home, how blessed I feel. I feel for the homeless and notice them when others just drive past totally unaware. It’s good to have a home.

          • Tell you what though, I do hate how my face shield tries to leave my hand on the walk from the car to the front door of work and gets covered in rain that makes the blinkin’ thing fog up. These are the issues of 2020 and let’s hope they fade away like the fogginess on the face shields.

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