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My Walk this Week 231 – Going With the Flow

My walk this week is necessarily another local one and is going with the flow in more ways than one.

The literal flow is in the Afon Camffrwd, a small local river swollen somewhat by the recent rains. A more existential flow is about me taking the walk in the first place.

Near the end of another day of regular showers the need to get out and calm my mind, exercise my body and enjoy my surroundings was obvious to me. We have to accept and deal with the current pandemic situation as best we can. While I am able to continue my work in tapestry weaving and sound as a result of a stabilisation grant from the Arts Council of Wales National Lottery Good Causes fund, I am still affected, along with everyone else, by the Covid-19 lockdown and the restrictions that go with it. It is a strange and unsettling experience for us all.

Again the soundscape for this walk is in the form of a short video, but there are some more details from my walk in the images below.



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  1. I was thinking the other day about all the colours of the leaves wondering about making some sort of watercolour paint with them then painting the shapes of the leaves… It was just a thought, for I’m up to my eyeballs with things to do, and yet ~ ~ maybe I could prioritise a small moment? We will see.

  2. Lovely late autumn scenes Alastair – in their own way completely typical for our part of the world – just human society knocked for six. I sometimes think that for a brief period autumnal leaves look just as lovely on the ground, as hanging on in the trees, before they begin their natural decay, and get recycled into next year’s wonders. Best wishes

    • Thank you Julian. I’m with you re the leaves. When it is dry (ha ha) you get to kick your way through those on the ground of course, which you can’t do when they are still on the trees. Call me a kid, but still at my age it is something I get pleasure from

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