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My Walk this Week 262 – Striking a Balance, Health and Wellbeing

My walk this week is one I am currently taking on a daily basis and striking a balance for my health and wellbeing is an essential part of it. You will understand what I am saying and why if you read this post.

Balance in everything is a motto I fully agree with, but when it comes to my personal health and well-being, I cannot say I always follow that philosophy. I have been described (accused?) as being a workaholic and while not admitting to that, it may be that I am somewhat over-ambitious when it comes to what I can achieve. There is so much I want to do, but it seems that balance will insist itself upon me regardless of my strategies and time management. 

So now I must admit to suffering from physical and mental exhaustion. While I hope that the past weekend laid up in bed, not attending to anything other than friendly blog conversations, I have realised that I must let something drop from my life, at least temporarily. 

Yes, you’ve guessed it – no more blogging for a couple of months. It’s frustrating because I really enjoy doing the StillWalks® posts and reading/viewing/commenting on others’ blogs. 

The video and images in this post are from an important element of my current working days. I am back working in a warehouse for the time being. It is not work that I enjoy (though the people there are good), but needs must as they say. One good aspect of the location of the work is that it is in walking distance of my home and the last part of the walk in and the first part of the walk after work is this woodland environment next to the small Camffrwd river. 

Through StillWalks® I have always promoted the value of the environment (particularly the natural) as the best resource for mental health and well-being. However, I did not realise just how valuable it is in this sense until benefitting from it when I come out of the warehouse at the end of the day. 

The sights and sounds of the trees, the water, the fields with horses, the birdsong, and a convenient bench to sit on to soak it all in – it is invaluable to me. And yet I find that while it can calm my mind and lift my spirits, it does not give me actual physical energy. So having used both my physical and mental resources, I need to lighten the load, take a break and only do what is essential for a month or two. 

I hope you miss the StillWalks® posts 😉

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  1. Hello Alastair,
    Greetings and have a well earned rest, my blogging friend.

    I for one shall miss the great start to Friday mornings, which your blogs have given me over the years – one of the time reference points for my week.
    But few who haven’t done long term blogging, realise the time and effort involved when doing it on as regular a basis as you have for over 10 years.

    Refresh the soul, and body and keep well, and I shall look forward to seeing you back when you feel up to it – meanwhile if you ever fancy a restorative wander, or even a spot of manual haymaking! Do drop us a line,

    Very best wishes

    • Thank you Julian, much appreciated. I would sooner drop other things but have no choice really. As soon as time and health allow, I’ll be back (as the saying goes).

    • Yes I know. I need to look up our local history (when I have the time to go to the library – can’t find much online). The industrial estate where I am working is next to it and this is a valuable 15 min break

  2. I will miss your posts, but I absolutely understand the need for you to step back for a time. Rest and recharge as much as life allows. We will be here when you get back.

    • Thank you Sandra. I hope it won’t be too long before I am back on form. As I said, I like doing the blogging so this is definitely short term.

  3. I shall reiterate what has already been said and wish you a fine recuperative break, Alastair, evidently much needed but also well deserved. This week’s video reminded me that I should thank you for the times I’ve been able to appreciate them, especially as I’ve also appreciated the ninety seconds of mindfulness that Springwatch and Autumn regularly feature in the midst of busy informative programmes.

  4. Ain’t nuthin’ wrong with taking a break! Breathe, relax and simply enjoy in the beauty around you without having work thoughts!! I’ve still got my fingers crossed for AGWSD summer school.

    • Thank you Barbara. I am still looking forward to the Summer School but we must certainly keep our fingers crossed, even at this stage of things.

  5. I am glad you have found a way to lighten your load, Alastair, and realize these are difficult times for you. I hope you are able to refresh and rejuvenate with all the beauty there is around you. Thanks for sharing this wonderful video and photos, the trail, the running water and melodious birds. Balance is everything, my friend, and I send you my best wishes for days and nights of balance and peace.

  6. I don’t know how I happened to stop receiving your wonderful posts, but somehow I must have accidentally unfollowed your blog in 2021. Only now have I realized my error. I will enjoy catching up on your earlier posts. All the very best as you take a rest.

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