From Inside and Outside

With a final look across the landscape from inside Cairnholy chambered tomb and a last look back at its standing stones, we descended back down the lane through woodland to the car.  If you are ever in Galloway, StillWalks Scotland and enjoy the neolithic era of burial architecture, this is a site worth visiting. Don’t let bad weather put you off, it’s worth it in the rain as well as the sunshine.

Cairnholy chambered tomb

Looking out

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My Walk this Week – Misty Mountains

On this first day of my walk this week the mountain mist does not come down to this level – the sun was even shining at times. I had hoped for reasonable weather for my StillWalks production walk up Mynydd Rugog, a mountain just south of Cadair Idris and overlooking Tal-y-Llyn in the mountains north of Aberystwyth in Wales.


A style of gate

There had been a lot of rain over the previous couple of days and the rivers running through the forest were in spate.

Mountain Woodland Wind and Water

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Water in Turmoil – Looking Upstream

It is difficult to tell in this first image whether you are looking upstream or down. The water is in such turmoil that its direction seems to be every which way.

It wasn’t raining on my walk this week around Corris in the Welsh mountains but the memory of it was fresh in my mind when I looked down at the Afon Deri flowing under the small main road through the village.

I’m sorry now that I didn’t record any of the sounds of the village – I think I was focusing more on the potential sounds of the StillWalks production walk up the mountain that I was going to take later in the morning.

Corris river - Afon Deri

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Rainfall and Rivers – Looking Downstream

After the rainfall had stopped and I was able to get out for my walk this week around the village of Corris in the Welsh mountains, I found the Afon (river) Deri was raging with the volume of water it had received over the previous 24 hours.

I particularly like the middle shot in this trio of images looking downstream as it seems to me to clearly (perhaps that’s the wrong word) illustrate nature overwhelming the architectural presence of man. Having said that, I wouldn’t want to see this torrent of water overwhelming its natural course and causing trouble for the inhabitants. While the river ravine is quite deep at this point, it can be surprising what the power of water can do.

Afon Deri

Afon Deri

Afon Deri

Afon Deri

Afon Deri

Afon Deri

The Sound of Water

In any Welsh woodland you are unlikely to be far from the sound of running water – or any other part of Wales for that matter, woodland or not. Penllergare Valley Woods is no exception and on my walk this week, I could have recorded any number of water sounds.

The sound from the stretch of river seen below was quite gentle but it is by no means always like this.

Penllergaer Woods-15

River Sound

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My Walk this Week – North Wales Recce 2

My walk this week is from my second recent recce walk in North Wales, specifically the Lledr valley south of Blaenau Ffestiniog – there’s a name for you to have fun with if you’re not Welsh 🙂 The beautiful evening of the day before in Colwyn Bay did not follow through to this walk and the result was that I got very wet.

Lledr Valley-1

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My Walk this Week – Hints of Spring

The photos for my walk this week span a few days. I took the same walk each morning for four days and was partly inspired by the first hint of Spring – i.e. sunshine!

It’s another short local hill walk. The hill is fairly small, but steep and rises to about 450 feet. At the bottom my route followed that of the local river with snow drops lining its banks. I was tempted to stop and take some (rare for me) slow exposure shots of the water falling over the weir.

I didn’t have my tripod with me and so most of the shots were discarded. However, there were a few I liked including the underexposed one taken with a faster shutter speed and which shows the patterns and textures in the falling water.

Snow Drops

My Walk this Week – Along the Canal

Since visiting various sections of Swansea Canal a couple of years ago, I have meant to return to the section which runs through Clydach, just a few miles from Swansea in South Wales. Finally getting a convenient opportunity, I took one of my cameras and my small recorder and though of my walk as a recce for a StillWalks production in the future.

My walk this week illustrates this recce walk – where necessary I used my iPhone with its wider angle lens.

The walk starts by the canal where it meets a loop of the River Tawe. However, the first shot below shows the water of the canal flowing into the Clydach river before it joins the Tawe on the other side of the canal and flows on down to Swansea.

Swansea Canal falling into Clydach River

Swansea Canal and River Tawe

Swansea Canal

Crossing the Bridge

There are many different aspects to the valley in which The Waterside – Felindre is situated. My walk this week is only around the lake and today’s post takes us across the footbridge at the northern end. Listening to the sound clip below, I like the layering of the sound of my footsteps on the wooden bridge with the different aspects of sound from the water as I approach, cross and then walk away from the bridge.

The woodland on one of the steep sides to this valley and more open fields on the other give the place an intimate, peaceful feel – a perfect place to relax and enjoy the facilities and hospitality of Sue and Steve Heatherington who run both The Waterside and Welsh Valley Alpacas.

My photos today are looking at one or two of the details of the lakeside.

On Friday this week (5th Feb) StillWalks will be at The Waterside running presentations  about the StillWalks package for businesses and organisations. If anyone is interested in coming along to this regular open day at The Waterside, please check out the website above and contact us in advance.

The Waterside footbridge

Crossing the Footbridge

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River, Railings, Ripples and Reflections

Moving on with my city walk in Belfast I have returned to the River Lagan. There is no frost here as there was at the start of my walk higher up the river but that doesn’t mean the river is any less attractive or interesting.

The Lagan creates its own art in the reflected patterns of railings distorted by ripples  or the mirror effect on twigs projecting out of the still water.

River Reflections