Getting Creative at The Waterside-Felindre

Alpacas and Woodland Weaving installation

As a diversion from my walk this week I thought I would take a brief look at the exciting and experimental weekend I have just had as part of the Get Creative weekend I took part in at The Waterside-Felindre with Collective Headspace.

Using materials found in the woodland next to the lake in this beautiful Welsh valley, and recycling some old barrier netting, I made a start on the construction of a woven woodland tunnel. More work has gone into this than perhaps meets the eye but I will be able to continue with it over time and if the alpacas don’t eat the whole thing, then I should be able to complete it by the next  #GetCreative weekend with Collective Headspace in the Summer.

The weekend consisted of more than just this and visitors to the valley were able to follow the walking trails laid out by Sue and Steve as well as draw, write, play music and perhaps most importantly, have those creative conversations that are almost inevitable and always invigorating when visiting this place and one of the main purposes of Collective Headspace at The Waterside-Felindre.

The Canada Geese were not much disturbed by the woodland weaving installation and at one point I think they were considering it a s good nesting site!

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